Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

2/25/09 to 2/27/09

The annual program presented by the renowned advocacy organization Human Rights Watch showcases eye-opening works by courageous filmmakers worldwide.

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  • The Sari Soldiers, February 27

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Past Films

  • The Sari Soldiers

    • Friday, February 27 6:30 pm

    Following six brave women in Nepal's recent civil war, this beautifully balanced film “gives new meaning to the words courage and resilience.”-N.Y. Times

  • Our Disappeared

    • Friday, February 27 8:30 pm

    Juan Mandelbaum and Kathy Sloane in Person. A sensitive, personal memorial to Argentina's disappeared also offers “essential context for what was a vicious civil war.”-Variety. With short Witness to Hiroshima.

  • Behave

    • Thursday, February 26 6:30 pm

    Maria Ramos's look at juvenile courts in Brazil. “No overwrought exposé, Behave exerts its power thanks to Ramos's clarity of vision.”-Variety

  • Up the Yangtze

    • Thursday, February 26 8:30 pm

    A tour of physical and social terrain about to be transformed by the Three Gorges Dam. “Lucid, beautifully observed.”-Village Voice

  • To See If I'm Smiling

    • Wednesday, February 25 6:30 pm

    Israeli women soldiers examine their actions in this powerful exploration of gender and moral responsibility in war. With short Deadly Playground.

  • Secrecy

    • Wednesday, February 25 8:30 pm

    If knowledge is power, who should possess it? This doc is “an incisive examination of some of the key issues of our time.”-L.A. Times