Janet Gaynor: A Centennial Celebration

7/21/06 to 8/13/06

  • Lucky Star, July 22

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Past Films

  • The Johnstown Flood

    • Sunday, August 13 17:30

    Judith Rosenberg on Piano. A key supporting role in this 1926 proto–disaster movie was Gaynor's big break. With The Shamrock Handicap, a lighthearted horse-racing drama set in Ireland and directed by John Ford.

  • The Young in Heart

    • Wednesday, August 9 19:30

    In her last released feature, a witty, heartfelt screwball comedy from 1938, Gaynor plays the wily daughter in a family of high-class con artists. Shown with a screen test made for the film of Gaynor and stage star Maude Adams, a unique record of the latter's work-she didn't get the part.

  • Delicious

    • Sunday, August 6 17:30

    George Gershwin's first original screen musical is graced with some spectacular (and spectacularly strange) set pieces revolving around Gaynor as an innocent Scottish lass in melting-pot New York.

  • A Star Is Born

    • Saturday, August 5 20:30

    "One of the actress's last roles and one of her best, good enough to get her an Oscar nomination. Shot in lovely early Technicolor . . . it follows a young woman's trajectory from star-struck kid to major star."-L.A. Times

  • Small Town Girl

    • Friday, August 4 19:00

    A sophisticated romantic comedy directed with energy and wit by William Wellman, starring Gaynor as the titular young provincial swept away to the city by rich Robert Taylor.

  • Ladies in Love

    • Friday, August 4 20:50

    Gaynor appears alongside Constance Bennett and Loretta Young in a romantic drama about three girlfriends sharing a deluxe apartment while they search for husbands in 1930s Budapest.

  • The Farmer Takes a Wife

    • Wednesday, August 2 19:30

    "Almost shockingly young and drop-dead handsome [in his screen debut], Henry Fonda plays a farmer who moonlights on an 1850s Erie Canal barge and falls in love with Gaynor's feisty cook. . . . The result is a charming romance that takes full advantage of Gaynor's unquenchable spirit and winsome egalitarianism."-L.A. Times

  • Servants' Entrance

    • Sunday, July 30 17:30

    Gaynor plays an erstwhile rich girl who takes work as a maid and falls in love with a handsome chauffeur in this unpretentious charmer from 1934. Watch for the cartoon anxiety dream produced by none other than Walt Disney.

  • State Fair

    • Friday, July 28 19:00

    Gaynor costars with Will Rogers and a prize pig called Blue Boy in Henry King's 1933 rustic comedy, a classic of nostalgic Americana.

  • Adorable

    • Friday, July 28 21:00

    Gaynor is rebellious princess of a mythical European kingdom in this charming musical comedy, directed with panache by William Dieterle. "A most agreeable entertainment."-N.Y. Times

  • Tess of the Storm Country

    • Sunday, July 23 17:30

    This unabashedly sentimental melodrama of fisherfolk, squatters, and malevolent landowners makes a perfect vehicle for plucky Gaynor and appealing Farrell, in one of their last appearances together. With short Pep of the Lazy "J." Judith Rosenberg on Piano.

  • Street Angel

    • Saturday, July 22 18:30

    Gaynor plays an impoverished Neapolitan waif who finds refuge with a traveling circus and painter Charles Farrell. "Borzage damns 'morality' and opts for the pure passion of a sacred amour fou."-Time Out

  • Lucky Star

    • Saturday, July 22 20:50

    Judith Rosenberg on Piano. "An immersion in over-the-top romanticism. . . . Farrell gives perhaps his best performance, playing a World War I veteran who comes home in a wheelchair. . . . [Borzage's film] showcases Gaynor's gift for underplaying in extreme situations."-L.A. Times

  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

    • Friday, July 21 19:00

    The great German director F. W. Murnau handpicked Gaynor to star in his first Hollywood feature, an elemental fable of country and city, marriage and adulterous desire, rendered with virtuosic visual invention.

  • 7th Heaven

    • Friday, July 21 21:00

    The first of three exquisite films directed by Frank Borzage and starring Gaynor and Charles Farrell. "Capitalizes on Gaynor's warmth and presence and Farrell's rough and ready masculinity to create a fantasy romance that manages to include realistic World War I trench warfare and a beyond-words ending."-L.A. Times