Private Lives: The Films of Alain Cavalier

3/31/10 to 4/20/10

We sample from the unusual career of French filmmaker Alain Cavalier, from his New Wave debut through the exquisite Thérèse to the intimate personal documentaries he makes today.

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  • Thérèse, April 16

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Past Films

  • Lieux saints

    • Tuesday, April 20 7:00 pm

    Alain Cavalier (France, 2007). Leave it to Cavalier to turn a series of trips to the toilet into a “sentimental journey.” With Alain Cavalier, 7 Chapters, 5 Days, 2 Rooms w/Kitchen, in which the director explicates his unconventional career. (87 mins)

  • Thérèse

    • Friday, April 16 7:00 pm

    Alain Cavalier (France, 1986). An exquisite portrait of Thérèse of Lisieux. “One of those rare films whose visual beauty is not ornamental or a substitute for something else . . . The film celebrates Thérèse's mysticism in a manner that remains utterly rational.”-N.Y. Times. With short Lettre d'Alain Cavalier. (108 mins)

  • La rencontre

    • Wednesday, April 14 7:00 pm

    Alain Cavalier (France, 1996). This intensely intimate documentary record of a love affair explores how objects and creatures become vessels for emotion, and how love is bound up with mortality. (74 mins)

  • Le combat dans l'île

    • Saturday, April 3 8:30 pm

    Alain Cavalier (France, 1962). Cavalier's first feature embeds the political tensions and contradictions of early-sixties France in a New Wave love triangle. With Romy Schneider, Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Henri Serre. “Not to be missed.”-Village Voice (104 mins)

  • Portraits

    • Wednesday, March 31 7:00 pm

    Alain Cavalier (France, 1988–92). A series of mercurial sketches about women and their work, focusing on rare and disappearing crafts that recall traditions long lost. (88 mins)