Recovered Memory: Bay Area Underground Features from the '70s

6/1/05 to 6/29/05

  • Thundercrack, June 15

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Past Films

  • Shoot the Whale

    • Wednesday, June 29 19:30

    Philip Makanna in Person. A delirious, peace–loving pageant about violence and the decline of the West, set around Death Valley and Mono Lake, and starring the East Bay Sharks, an early–'70s street theater troupe featuring Darryl Henriques. A film of improvisation and "cartoon militarism" from Philip Makanna.

  • Space Is the Place

    • Wednesday, June 22 19:30

    Producer Jim Newman in Person. Shamanistic music–maker and Afro–surrealist Sun Ra descends to earth in this boldly mystical blaxploitation film that combines intergalactic bebop and riffs on black liberation. Shot in Oakland, directed by John Coney, with rare footage of Ra's Intergalactic Arkestra, who provide the soundtrack.

  • Thundercrack

    • Wednesday, June 15 19:30

    Please note: We regret that Melinda McDowell will not be in person at this screening as previously announced. A blue movie shot in glorious black and white, this is a camp riff on an old–dark–house mystery directed by the late Curt McDowell with a screenplay by George Kuchar, who also stars. "The entire cast of actors and animals give astonishing performances as they perform astonishing acts in a veritable frenzy of pansexual liberation. Anyone wanna marry a gorilla?"-Filmex '76

  • 1988–The Remake

    • Wednesday, June 8 19:30

    Rick Schmidt in Person. To cast a remake of Showboat, a film crew holds auditions, which, coincidentally, is exactly what Schmidt and his crew did, with the expected bizarre results-years before American Idol. "Laugh more than you've ever laughed before."-Rotterdam Film Festival

  • The Devil's Cleavage

    • Wednesday, June 1 19:30

    George Kuchar's paralytically funny film stars two of the leading lights of the S.F. screen, Ainslie Pryor and Curt McDowell. A camp parody of fifties melodrama, it is "an exuberant film about paranoia and angst…a film of exceptional invention and ingenuity."-Time Out