Robert Beavers: My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure

10/13/09 to 10/20/09

The films of Robert Beavers are exceptional for their visual beauty, aural texture, and depth of emotional expression. PFA is honored to present his eighteen-film cycle and to welcome him as an artist in residence.

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  • Early Monthly Segments, October 13|© 2006 Robert Beavers

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Past Films

  • Program 4

    • Tuesday, October 20 7:30 pm

    Robert Beavers (1983–2001). Robert Beavers in person. The concluding program in the cycle offers images of ineffable beauty and unspoken eloquence. (96 mins plus intermission)

  • Program 3

    • Sunday, October 18 2:00 pm

    Robert Beavers (1972–99). Robert Beavers in person. Four films create connections between varied times and places, and between old-world artisanal practices and the craft of filmmaking. (107 mins plus intermission)

  • Program 2

    • Thursday, October 15 7:00 pm

    Robert Beavers (1970–2001). Robert Beavers in person. In nuanced and structurally self-reflexive works, Beavers contemplates the world around him and reflects on the nature and processes of art. (110 mins plus intermission)

  • Program 1

    • Tuesday, October 13 7:30 pm

    Robert Beavers (1967–2001). Robert Beavers and P. Adams Sitney in conversation. The first five films in Beavers's extraordinary cycle encompass elements of self-portraiture, eroticism, and charged allusion. (96 mins plus conversation and intermission)