67th San Francisco International Film Festival at BAMPFA

April 25–28, 2024

BAMPFA is an official partner of the 67th San Francisco International Film Festival presented by SFFILM.

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  • Empty Nets

  • Banel & Adama

  • The Cats of Gokogu Shrine

  • The Teacher

  • Zinzindurrunkarratz

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Past Films

  • Empty Nets

    • Sunday, April 28 2:30 PM
    Behrooz Karamizade
    Germany, Iran, 2023

    Eager to wed his upper-class girlfriend, a young man turns to fishing to raise her dowry, only to discover the seedy underbelly of Iran’s fisheries, rife with poaching and human smuggling.

    Behrooz Karamizade in Person

  • Janet Planet

    • Sunday, April 28 4:45 PM
    Annie Baker
    United States, 2023

    Closed Captioned
    Audio Description

    Beautifully portraying how adolescent self-awareness builds from small life experiences and careful observation of adult behavior, this astute debut focuses on Lacy, who brims with questions and gripes for her unmarried mom, Janet.

  • The Cats of Gokogu Shrine

    • Sunday, April 28 7:15 PM
    Kazuhiro Soda
    Japan, 2024

    A seaside Japanese village debates what to do about its feral feline population in this rich observational documentary, in which the cats make the case for themselves as charming, fluffy providers of purring hospitality at the beloved titular shrine.

  • Agent of Happiness

    • Sunday, April 28 12:00 PM
    Arun Bhattarai, Dorottya Zurbó
    Bhutan, Hungary, 2024

    Two government officers, Amber Kumar Gurung and Guna Raj Kuikel, travel through Bhutan’s breathtaking landscapes in pursuit of happiness and its true meaning.

    Arun Bhattarai in Person

  • Zinzindurrunkarratz

    • Saturday, April 27 11:30 AM
    Oskar Alegría
    Spain, 2023

    Armed with a Super 8 camera and accompanied by an elegant donkey named Paolo, director Oskar Alegría employs his keen eye and poetic voice-over as he traverses a scenic shepherding route in northern Spain.

    Oskar Alegría in Person

  • Black Box Diaries

    • Saturday, April 27 2:15 PM
    Shiori Ito
    Japan, United States, United Kingdom, 2024

    Journalist Shiori Ito becomes the face of Japan’s #MeToo movement after a powerful newsman sexually assaults her and she investigates her own case in a determined quest to see justice done.

    Shiori Ito in Person

  • Banel & Adama

    • Saturday, April 27 5:00 PM
    Ramata-Toulaye Sy
    Senegal, France, Mali, 2023

    The titular Senegalese couple at the heart of this visually ravishing romantic drama faces challenges of drought and communal responsibility. Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s poetic debut competed at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023.

  • Alemania

    • Saturday, April 27 7:15 PM
    María Zanetti
    Argentina, 2023

    Independence and escape from an unstable homelife beckon sixteen-year-old Lola when the opportunity arises to spend a semester abroad in this vibrant coming-of-age tale inspired by filmmaker María Zanetti’s own life.

    María Zanetti in Person

  • The Teacher

    • Friday, April 26 4:00 PM
    Farah Nabulsi
    United Kingdom, Palestine, Qatar, 2023

    An educator (Saleh Bakri) in Palestine’s West Bank tries to steer a student away from the path of violence while hiding his own involvement with a hostage situation.

    Farah Nabulsi in Person

  • Seeking Mavis Beacon

    • Friday, April 26 7:00 PM
    Jazmin Renée Jones
    United States, 2024

    Closed Captioned

    A spellbinding cyberspace adventure, Jazmin Renée Jones’s inquisitive directorial debut expands ideas around feminism and digital selfdom while searching for the real-life Black woman whose pixelated image taught a generation to type.

    Jazmin Renée Jones, Guetty Felin, and Olivia Ross in Person

  • Persistence of Vision Award: Johan Grimonprez + Soundtrack for a Coup d’Etat

    • Thursday, April 25 6:30 PM
    Johan Grimonprez
    Belgium, France, Netherlands, 2024

    Jazz becomes a successful smoke screen for the United States and its allies’ efforts, as well-meaning musicians’ diplomatic missions offer cover for a conspiracy to stage a coup against the Democratic Republic of the Congo Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Filmmaker and multimedia artist Johan Grimonprez is this year’s recipient of the Persistence of Vision Award.

    Johan Grimonprez and Fumi Okiji in Conversation