Still Lives: The Films of Pedro Costa

3/1/08 to 4/12/08

With films including the recent Colossal Youth, Portuguese director Pedro Costa has won wide acclaim for his spare aesthetic, willful ambiguity, and combination of documentary, avant-garde, and fiction. Discover Costa's “monumental cinema of humble means” (N.Y. Times).

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  • Colossal Youth, March 1, April 12

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Past Films

  • All Blossoms Again: The Films of Pedro Costa

    • Saturday, April 12 6:00 pm

    This French documentary on the filming of Colossal Youth provides insight into Costa's painstaking working methods.

  • Colossal Youth

    • Saturday, April 12 7:45 pm

    See March 1.

  • Regents' Lecture by Pedro Costa (Admission Free!)

    • Sunday, March 9 3:00 pm

    Costa discusses his remarkable films that mix documentary and fictional elements, focusing on his Fontaínhas trilogy.

  • Down to Earth

    • Sunday, March 9 5:00 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Costa's politicized reimagining of Tourneur's I Walked with a Zombie. With short Tarrafal.

  • In Vanda's Room

    • Saturday, March 8 7:00 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Vermeer-like, becalmed portrait of twilight Lisbon. “A standard by which to judge humanist cinema.”-Cinematheque Ontario.

  • Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?

    • Thursday, March 6 6:00 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. This documentary on legendary filmmaking duo Straub/Huillet is “quite simply a masterpiece.”-Senses of Cinema.

  • Sicilia!

    • Thursday, March 6 8:45 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Straub/Huillet's adaptation of the notorious political novel Conversations in Sicily. “See Sicilia! And live again!”-Libération. With Costa short 6 Bagatelas.

  • The Blood

    • Sunday, March 2 3:00 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Two young boys flee through nocturnal Portugal in this shimmering tribute to '50s noir.

  • Bones

    • Sunday, March 2 5:30 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Costa's austere portrait of Lisbon's junkies, schemers, and dreamers. “Out-Bressons Bresson.”-Cinematheque Ontario. With short Ne change rien.

  • Colossal Youth

    • Saturday, March 1 6:30 pm

    Pedro Costa in Person. Widely acclaimed as one of the best films of 2006, this experimental docu-fiction captures life in a Cape Verdean neighborhood of Lisbon. “A work of cinematic art.”-N.Y. Times. Repeated April 12.