'Til Your Well Runs Dry: An Appreciation of Water

11/15/06 to 12/6/06

  • Lottery of the Sea, November 15

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Past Films

  • Switch Off

    • Wednesday, December 6 19:30

    Introduced by Patrick McCully, International Rivers Network. Manel Mayol's handsomely shot and ironically humorous documentary follows the struggle of Chile's indigenous Mapuche people against a Spanish hydroelectric firm bent on damming the river that has sustained them for centuries.

  • Riverglass: A River Ballet in Four Seasons

    • Wednesday, November 29 19:30

    Andrej Zdravic's supple, sublime work portrays the magical underwater realm of Slovenia's pristine Socca river. With shorts: Ralph Steiner's H2O and Seoungho Cho's Cold Pieces.

  • Lottery of the Sea

    • Wednesday, November 15 19:30

    Allan Sekula in Person. Famed photographer and theorist Sekula ships out to locales around the world for a study of seafaring culture and globalization. "Sekula's skill rests in making us see what's right in front of us. . . . Conscious of the concrete realities of power, [he] shows us how to interpret that power in the world around us."-LA Weekly