Together Again: Collectively Created Compilations

1/17/07 to 2/21/07

  • Generic Remix Project, January 24

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Past Films

  • For Life, Against the War . . . Again, a collective outcry

    • Wednesday, February 21 19:30

    Artists in Person. Artists take a stand . . . again. Revisiting an idea from the Vietnam era, Lynne Sachs sounded the call, and several generations of artists, united by their disgust for the war in Iraq, responded.

  • Commissioned Works

    • Wednesday, February 14 19:30

    James Melchert in Person. For this 1976 BAM-sponsored piece, James Melchert rounded up leading artists from Eleanor Antin to William Wegman and gave each $100 and four minutes of conceptual time. The results are timeless. With Tom Marioni–curated short A Tight Thirteen Minutes.

  • LunchFilms

    • Wednesday, February 7 19:30

    Mike Plante in Person. Cinevegas's Mike Plante, a man with a delicious sense of play, invited artists like James Benning and Jem Cohen to lunch; their part of the bill: a new film, made for the price of the meal.

  • Generic Remix Project

    • Wednesday, January 24 19:30

    Nancy Buchanan in Person. Is your idea of normal defined by stock footage? Nancy Buchanan and fellow artists explored the filmic generic: "All participants produced warped, new entities with eerily familiar parts."-Redcat. With short Exquisite Corpse.

  • Free to Be . . . You and Me Invitational

    • Wednesday, January 17 19:30

    Thomas Beard in Person. We think you're old enough for this reworking of 1974's Free to Be . . . You and Me by 20 leading avant-garde filmmakers, all grown up now. With short Mary Worth.