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3/1/06 to 4/19/06

  • The Paradox of the 10 Acres Square, April 5

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Past Films

  • Hybrid Autos, Part 2: Cinnamon

    • Wednesday, April 19 19:30

    Using a style best described as theatrical documentary, Kevin Jerome Everson's Cinnamon scopes a young African American woman pro-stock drag racer named Erin, a desk jockey by day but behind the wheel, pure focused reflex.

  • The Immoral Majority: Works by Laura Parnes

    • Wednesday, April 12 19:30

    Laura Parnes in Person. Parnes has adapted one of the late Kathy Acker's most notorious novels, Blood and Guts in High School, about a punk at war with Reaganism, in a spare style she calls Brechtian MTV. Shown with Hollywood Inferno: Episode One, a Dante-esque descent into the big H.

  • The Paradox of the 10 Acres Square

    • Wednesday, April 5 19:30

    Eteam is back! Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger return to their parched parcel of property in Nevada (previously seen in 1.1 Acre Flat Screen) only to face a right-of-way dilemma, right away, as a thoroughfare plows through their 660-square-foot square of scrub. Is the solution an overpass, bypass-or impasse? With works by Scott Stark and Jacqueline Goss.

  • Domestic Duet: Works by Jordan Biren and Jennifer Reeder

    • Wednesday, March 15 19:30

    Jordan Biren and Jennifer Reeder in Person. Biren and Reeder are both uncanny chroniclers of the suburbs as a place of charmed suspension and disquieting quiet. Biren's newest, My Mother's House, is like Thomas Kinkade with a chill factor. Reeder's new high-def noir The Heart & Other Small Shapes observes as the inanimate comes alive. With earlier works by both artists.

  • Monody in Harmony: Works by Darrin Martin

    • Wednesday, March 8 19:30

    Darrin Martin in Person. The innovative works of Darrin Martin use video as raw material for the reinvention of social mythologies, from Aviator, which gives performative expression to flying as a psychic state, to his object-related futuro-performance collaborations with Torsten Burns, to a recent visual exploration of acoustic loss, Monograph in Stereo.

  • Hybrid Autos, Part 1

    • Wednesday, March 1 19:30

    Jordan Biren and Lewis DeSoto in Person. DeSoto's Show Car on Display at the Theater! Biren's new DeSoto Conquest follows artist DeSoto's postcolonial ride into the perverse poetry of a car named after an infamous explorer. With hard-drivin' short works by Kenneth Anger, Bill Daniel, John Knoop, Len Lye, and Robert Nelson.