Wim Wenders: Portraits Along the Road

May 13–July 30 2016

A retrospective featuring recently restored films by Wim Wenders, "a must-see for cinephiles of all stripes” (Rodrigo Perez, Indiewire).

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  • The American Friend

  • The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

  • Alabama (2000 Light Years)

  • The Left-Handed Woman

  • Lightning Over Water

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Past Films

  • Buena Vista Social Club

    • Saturday, July 30 8:15 PM
    Wim Wenders
    Germany, United States, Cuba, 1999

    Digital Restoration

    One of the most critically acclaimed and adored music documentaries of the past twenty years, Buena Vista Social Club is a love letter to Cuba, its music, its people, and its soul.

  • Notebook on Cities and Clothes

    • Friday, July 22 6:30 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, France, 1989

    4K Digital Restoration

    Wenders and famed Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto meet and muse together in this thoughtful essay film "about fashion, transience, and identity” (Janet Maslin).

  • Wings of Desire

    • Sunday, July 17 7:15 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1988

    Digital Restoration

    Two angels haunt the streets and skies of Berlin, listening in on the dreams and sorrows of its residents, in this gothic, poetic masterpiece, inspired by Rilke.

  • Tokyo-Ga

    • Saturday, July 9 8:30 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, United States, 1985

    Digital Restoration

    Wenders’s tribute to Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu takes us across Japan to meet frequent Ozu collaborators and explore contemporary life there. Chris Marker and Werner Herzog also appear.

  • Until the End of the World - Director's Cut

    • Sunday, July 3 4:30 PM
    Wim Wenders
    Germany, France, Australia, United States, 1991/1994

    4K Digital Restoration

    Solveig Dommartin, William Hurt, Jeanne Moreau, Chishu Ryu, Rüdiger Vogler, Max von Sydow, and Tom Waits lend their talents to Wenders’s wildly ambitious, science-fiction epic. Digitally restored director’s cut.

  • Paris, Texas

    • Friday, July 1 7 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, France, 1984

    Digital Restoration

    A wanderer (Harry Dean Stanton) heads in search of his long-lost son and wife (Nastassja Kinski) in Wenders’s magisterial deconstruction of family, masculinity, and the American West.

  • Lightning over Water

    • Friday, June 24 8:45 PM
    Nicholas Ray, Wim Wenders
    United States/West Germany, 1979

    An intimate portrait of the legendary filmmaker Nicholas Ray—and of cinema itself—made while Ray was dying of cancer.

  • The State of Things

    • Thursday, June 23 7 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1982

    4K Digital Restoration!

    Wenders’s “film about filmmaking” moves from the rocky Portuguese coast to Hollywood, following those trapped in a doomed Hollywood project. Features Samuel Fuller, Roger Corman, Robert Kramer, and Warhol superstar Viva. 

  • The Left-Handed Woman

    • Sunday, June 19 7:15 PM
    Peter Handke
    West Germany, 1978

    4K Digital Restoration!

    A married woman living in suburban Paris leaves her husband and begins a more solitary life in this rigorously poetic, Chantal Akerman-influenced work from writer/director Peter Handke and producer Wim Wenders. 

  • The American Friend

    • Friday, June 10 6:30 PM
    • Saturday, June 18 6 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1977

    4K Digital Restoration!

    Neo-noir by way of European arthouse, Wenders’s first “commercial” film adapts Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley’s Game to tell the  tale of a dying family man (Bruno Ganz) suckered into the seedy world of an American mobster (Dennis Hopper).


  • Kings of the Road

    • Friday, May 13 7 PM
    • Sunday, June 12 6:45 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1976

    4K Digital Restoration

    A projector repairman and a depressed young man begin a road trip across the East and West German borders in Wender’s major landmark of the New German Cinema.


  • Wim Wenders: Early Shorts

    • Wednesday, June 8 7 PM

    Free admission

    Digital Restorations

    Program change: we are unable to screen all of the previously announced short films, so this will be a free screening of three shorts.
    This program of Wenders’s extremely rare early short films showcase a nascent talent already infused with the themes and moods, from American music to modern despair, that would echo across a career.


  • The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

    • Wednesday, May 25 7 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1971

    4K Digital Restoration

    Kicked out of a game and bored of the rules, a goalie begins a journey across contemporary West Germany. "My favorite postwar German film . . . a quiet poem of various desolations" (Stanley Kauffmann).

  • The Wrong Move

    • Friday, May 20 8:40 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1975

    4K Digital Restoration

    A hopeful young writer travels through Germany’s palaces and projects in Wenders’s road film, shot in painterly long takes. Nastassja Kinski’s debut. Loosely based on Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship

  • Alice in the Cities

    • Sunday, May 15 7:30 PM
    Wim Wenders
    West Germany, 1974

    Digital Restoration

    A wandering journalist finds himself stuck with someone else’s daughter in this road movie across the United States and Germany, “a fine, tightly controlled, intelligent, and ultimately touching film” (NY Times).