• Alex Saum-Pascual

Alex Saum-Pascual: New Poetics

Available to the general public as livestream only. UC Berkeley students may attend in person with valid Cal One ID.

For poet and new media artist Alex Saum-Pascual, a Google form is a platform to create an interactive poem. Join her talk to hear about her creative path of subversion, in which she engages corporate tools for off-label adventures in both form and content, and get inspired to use common tools in unconventional ways toward a new poetics of the electronic page. 

Saum-Pascual is an associate professor of Spanish at UC Berkeley, an expert on electronic literature from the time of Franco until today, and a prolific electronic literature author and scholar.

Participants and topics are subject to change; visit Berkeley Arts + Design (artsdesign.berkeley.edu) for the most up-to-date series information.