• Lisa Wymore

Lisa Wymore: New Movements

Available to the general public as livestream only. UC Berkeley students may attend in person with valid Cal One ID.

Join Lisa Wymore to discover movement as a fundamental condition of human existence. As we change, so do our movements; they shift, evolve, and permutate. We encounter many of these new movement sequences and processes in dance, where new movements are intentionally developed into fuller forms. Dance also brings new technologies into context with the human body, as well as with individual and group choreographies. Wymore discusses the creation of new movements through dance history, as well as through her own performance work, with a particular focus on dance notation and motion capture. 

Wymore is a professor of dance in UC Berkeley’s Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, as well as the faculty director of Berkeley Arts + Design. Her collaborative and experimental dance works with Sheldon Miller are accessible at smithwymore.org.

Participants and topics are subject to change; visit Berkeley Arts + Design (artsdesign.berkeley.edu) for the most up-to-date series information.