• Lenora Lee

  • Ava Roy

Angel Island and Alcatraz: Site-inspired Dance, Theater, and Landscapes of Incarceration

Choreographer Lenora Lee and theater director Ava Roy will discuss San Francisco Bay’s Angel Island and Alcatraz Island as creative catalysts and settings for their site-inspired performances addressing migration, incarceration, and resistance.

Lenora Lee, Artistic Director of Lenora Lee Dance (LLD), is a dancer, choreographer, and artistic director who presents large-scale multimedia performance works integrating dance, music, video projection, and text that connect various styles of movement and music to culture, history, and human rights issues.

Ava Roy is the Founding Artistic Director of We Players and is dedicated to transforming public spaces into realms of immersive theater. Her work is deeply inspired by the entrenched histories, communities and energies of each site, as well as the natural environment.