• Lynne Horiuchi

  • Anoma Pieris

Online Only—Border-thinking Through Wartime Incarcerations Environments

This event will be presented online only, as a Zoom webinar.

Anoma Pieris and Lynne Horiuchi will talk about their new book, The Architecture of Confinement: Incarceration Camps and the Pacific War. The design and location of prisoner of war camps in Singapore and Australia and of concentration camps for Japanese American civilians in the U.S. such as the one at Manzanar tested cultural boundaries and prompted resistance by incarcerated soldiers and civilians alike.

Lynne Horiuchi is an architectural historian whose work is cross-disciplinary, examining concepts of imprisonment, race, space, mobility, everyday racism, and civil justice.

Anoma Pieris is a professor of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design.