• Koak

  • Lava Thomas

  • Anne Walsh

Koak, Lava Thomas, and Anne Walsh

This program was previously announced to include artist Favianna Rodriguez, who is unable to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Three artists featured in New Time discuss their artwork in relation to their practice and the exhibition itself.

Koak draws on elements of Japanese and European animation to address societal expectations of women, in particular propriety and domestic labor. She discusses Breaking the Prairie, featured in New Time.

Lava Thomas creates multimedia projects that honor the humanity and resilience of Black women and subvert the white gaze through visual reclamation and resistance. She addresses drawings from her Mugshot Portraits series, which commemorate the legacy of Black women’s activism

Anne Walsh responds to questions rooted in themes of feminism, art history, spirituality, and personal history in a broad interdisciplinary practice that most often takes the form of text, video, and sound.  She discusses her video Monster Lip Sync, which deals with aging women and the surreal.