• Cannupa Hanska Luger: The ruin of Dominion (And other Gods we never named), 2021; ceramic and fiber installation.

  • Julio Morales

  • Stephanie Syjuco

  • Mario Ybarra, Jr.

  • Claude Marks

  • Nathaniel Moore

Colloquium: Undoing Time: Images and Archives

Join guest curator Julio Morales, exhibition artists Stephanie Syjuco and Mario Ybarra, Jr., and Freedom Archives codirectors Claude Marks and Nathaniel Moore for a conversation that expands and explores the exhibition’s themes, including the artist as archivist/activist. 

Morales is senior curator at the Arizona State University Art Museum. As artist, educator, and curator, he explores issues of migration, underground economies, and labor.

Syjuco, associate professor in sculpture at UC Berkeley, is an artist working with photography, sculpture, and installation whose practice questions the disciplinary and historical specificities of photographic image making.

Ybarra is an artist whose sculptures, installations, photographs, and activist interventions examine Mexican American identity, with an aesthetic that combines street culture iconography with historical and political imagery. He teaches from his studio, Slanguage, in his hometown of Wilmington, California.

Marks is founder and codirector of the Freedom Archives, where he produces video and audio documentaries. He has an extensive background in media, culture, and activism dating from the 1960s; he was imprisoned in the United States for his support of the Puerto Rican independence movement.

Moore is an educator, archivist, and codirector of the Freedom Archives, as well as an archivist at the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library. He is active in prisoner support work.