• Adam Theis and Shaina Evoniuk

Duets in Social Distance: Adam Theis and Shaina Evoniuk

Following up on our successful poetry series From Collective Isolation, we present videos by five cohabitating couples, who are also musical collaborators, created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our favorite artists from our Full series perform from home while sheltering in place, keeping us connected through music.

Husband-and-wife team Adam Theis and Shaina Evoniuk have been making music together for over ten years. With a collective forty years in the music industry, they co-operate the Bay Area’s artist collective and record label Jazz Mafia. When they aren't writing, recording, or performing music, Theis likes to skateboard and go running with their dogs, and Evoniuk enjoys gardening and going for long swims in the Bay.