• Nava Dunkelman. Photo: Jeff Spirer

  • Jakob Pek. Photo: Jeff Spirer

  • Overmorrow Duo

  • Kate Petersen

Full: Duos

Programmed by Sean Carson

When musicians pair up, a special intimacy arises that can’t be matched by larger groups. Overmorrow Duo, Cal alumnae Christina Jarvis Simpson (viola) and Mosa Tsay (cello), performs contemporary works to fill our new space. Soprano Kate Petersen and pianist Russell Norman bring an exciting and varied program of vocal music, both new and old. DunkelpeK—Nava Dunkelman on percussion and Jakob Pek on guitar, piano, and miscellany—interweaves countless dimensions of vibration, offering listeners a visceral, syncretic experience of sound and silence.

Piano generously provided by Piedmont Piano.

As part of tonight’s Full event, a local poet is reading their work. It’s happening somewhere in the BAMPFA building, but we aren’t going to tell you where – think of it as a literary scavenger hunt. Tonight we welcome Cheena Marie Lo, a genderqueer poet based in Oakland. Their first book, A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters, was recently published by Commune Editions. They currently coordinate a youth art program at California College of the arts, and coedit the literary journal HOLD. The Full poetry series is co-organized by Sara Wintz.