• Photo: Standa Merhout

  • Photo: Melesio Núñez

  • Photo: Liz Payne

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Three exciting live performances come to BAMPFA, flooding our galleries with music for our
 first full moon celebration. We invite you to walk through the building and encounter music of all kinds from talented composer-performers Luciano Chessa, Amy X. Neuburg, Evan Ziporyn, and Christine Southworth.

Programmed by Sarah Cahill.

LUCIANO CHESSA performs two pieces tonight: “Mare di fuori” is for solo đàn bàu, and “Gin e ginepri” is for a solo performer with bullhorn.

AMY X NEUBURG performs a mixture of old favorites and live-looped improvisations for voice and gadgets, with a special guest appearance by wildman percussionist Moe! Staiano.

EVAN ZIPORYN and CHRISTINE SOUTHWORTH perform their collaborative multimedia work In My Mind and In My Car, with live electronics, bass clarinet, and video projections. They began creating the piece in 2013, performing an early version at BAMPFA that year, but it has evolved greatly since then, becoming a more layered work that now incorporates the visual dimension.

Plus explore the exhibition galleries and discover simultaneous performances throughout the building.