Mapping, Mandalas, Matrices, and Me

Ages 6 to 12 with accompanying adult

  • With artist Heide Miller

    Heide Miller, who has been an educator at OMCA, the de Young Museum, SFMOMA, and The Contemporary Jewish Museum, has degrees in art practice and anthropology from UC Berkeley.

Family Fare connects art viewing with art making in ways that engage both young people and their grown-ups. Participate in guided viewing and discussion in the galleries with a UC Berkeley graduate-student guide and then explore related ideas in the Art Lab with an experienced teaching artist. Each session focuses on a different group of artworks and related hands-on activities. In this session led by painter Heide Miller, get a close look at artworks that show how principles of life and culture can be artfully organized within a predetermined shape or structure. Then, design a personal map with your family, reflecting your ideas of what is essential in life, using watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, and inks.