The Story of Sojourner Truth

Family Fare

  • With artist Kaya Fortune

    Kaya Fortune is an arts educator whose professional practice includes fashion design. He believes that art is a healing force in children’s lives, and he encourages his students to find their own voice and identity through art making. Teaching art to children is Fortune’s inspiration for creating and exhibiting his own work.

Family Fare connects art viewing with art making in ways that engage both young people and their grown-ups. Participate in guided viewing and discussion in the galleries with a UC Berkeley graduate-student guide and then explore related ideas in the Art Lab with an experienced teaching artist. Each session focuses on a different group of artworks and related hands-on activities.

In this session, compare and contrast a series of portraits with guide Shivani Sud, including those on view in Sojourner Truth, Photography, and the Fight Against Slavery. Then, with artist Kaya Fortune, connect with the experiences of Sojourner Truth by making collages using reproductions of historic photographs, autographs, and stamps from the Civil War period.

Sign up onsite beginning fifteen minutes before the session you wish to attend. Be advised that space is limited to twelve kids per session; please arrive promptly to sign up.