• calligraphy by Tetsugen Doko

    Tetsugen Doko: Ōbaku Zen calligraphy, two large characters in cursive style, 17th century; ink on paper; 12 x 18 in., mount: 44 x 23 in.; BAMPFA, promised gift of Stuart Katz.

Meditation with Movement

Experience the exhibition Meditation in Motion: Zen Calligraphy from the Stuart Katz Collection in a new way, entering into deep contemplation of an individual artwork through slow physical movement. Led by Stephen Holtzman, the workshop offers exercises that can enhance awareness of art and our capacity to bodily express that awareness.

A lifelong meditator, Holzman retired in 2013 from an almost forty-year career as a chiropractor. Currently he offers workshops at various museums and organizations, including the Chinese Cultural Center, and teaches meditation and anger management at San Quentin Prison.

Attendance is limited to twenty participants; registration is now full.