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Darcy Fehr, Ann Savage, Amy Stewart, Louis Negin,

PRECEDED BY: THE HEART OF THE WORLD (Guy Maddin, Canada, 2000). This furiously edited, breathless parody of silent Russian cinema is a tribute to the very heart of the world: KINO! (6 mins, B&W, 35mm, From Zeitgeist Films)

Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin yearns for escape, but the icebound burg holds him fast. Dozing aboard a train that endlessly loops the city limits, he only rises to sleepwalk back to his boyhood home, where he reenacts scenes from his childhood. In this dreamy milieu, the Manitoban town’s history comes to life, rife with supernatural portents in old Indian legends and twentieth-century tales of ghosts and mediums. Maddin’s first foray into nonfiction filmmaking further spins the autobiographical melodramatic skein of Cowards Bend the Knee (2003) and Brand upon the Brain! (2007).

SFIFF 2008
  • Jody Shapiro
Print Info
  • B&W
  • 35mm
  • 80 mins
  • Zeitgeist Films