The Private Property Trilogy: A Survey of the Life and Films of C.B.

In Conversation

  • Natalia Brizuela is the Class of 1930 Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies and a professor in the Departments of Film & Media and Spanish & Portuguese at UC Berkeley.

Nicolás Pereda, whose films draw on both documentary and fiction techniques, thinks of cinema “not as a way of shaping reality, but of intervening and radically modifying it.” His recent work, combining a live performance with a film screening, is a fascinating exploration of creativity. The Private Property Trilogy, Pereda wrote, “surveys the life and work of C.B., a multifaceted artist, political activist, amateur archeologist, self-proclaimed anarchist, and creator of a mining museum in the northern Mexican desert. Stories of land rights and artistic endeavors become inextricably linked as I uncover the missing fragments of C.B.’s personal history.”

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  • Nicolás Pereda
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  • Live performance