Alternative Visions 2021

September 8–November 17, 2021

Our annual showcase Alternative Visions continues with 1990s Japanese experimental films by women, with guest curators Wakae Nakane and Miryam Sas in conversation. Collage animator Janie Geiser also presents a program of her recent films, created from a haunting array of visual and auditory fragments. 

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  • Janie Geiser: Reverse Shadow

  • Utako Koguchi: A Dandelion, Rosaceae

  • Leslie Tai: The Private Life of Fenfen

  • Deborah Kelly: LYING WOMEN

  • Nicolás Pereda: The Private Property Trilogy: A Survey of the Life and Films of C.B.

  • Stacey Steers: Night Hunter

  • Péter Lichter, Bori Máté: 8th October 2016

  • Al Wong: Twin Peaks

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Past Films

  • Janie Geiser: Collage Animation

    • Wednesday, November 17 7 PM

    Janie Geiser’s hypnotic, elliptical collage animations are constructed from scavenged finds—potent materials that are layered, magnified, fractured, and washed with colored hues, creating new uncanny contexts and resonances, amplified by accompanying sound collages.

    Janie Geiser in Person

  • The Private Life of Fenfen

    • Wednesday, November 3 7 PM
    Leslie Tai
    United States, China, 2013

    Blurring the boundaries between public and private and inner and outer states, this program illustrates the porous and precarious nature of identity and sanity in light of the challenges confronted by three women.

    Leslie Tai in Person

  • 1990s Experimental Film in Japan: Women’s Anarchic Visions of the Everyday

    • Wednesday, October 20 7 PM

    Guest curated by Wakae Nakane and Miryam Sas
    Cosponsored by the Center for Japanese Studies at UC Berkeley

    In the 1990s, a surge of women filmmakers began working in the Japanese experimental film scene. This selection of rarely seen works critically and playfully explores the ritualistic nature of women’s life.

    Wakae Nakane and Miryam Sas in Conversation

  • Out of the Vault: Twin Peaks

    • Wednesday, October 6 7 PM
    Al Wong
    United States, 1977

    BAMPFA Preservation

    Local filmmaker Al Wong presents and discusses his meditative Twin Peaks, in which he recorded driving the looping roads around Twin Peaks for a year, in different seasons and times of day, as well as his conceptual installation Screen, Projector & Film.

    Al Wong in Person

  • (In)appropriation: A Program of Found Media

    • Wednesday, September 22 7 PM

    This selection from the Festival of (In)appropriation—an annual showcase for experimental found media—features an array of moving-image formats while probing the limits of audiovisual remix.

    Guest Curator Jaimie Baron and Filmmakers Scott Stark and Phoebe Tooke in Conversation

  • The Private Property Trilogy: A Survey of the Life and Films of C.B.

    • Wednesday, September 8 7 PM
    Nicolás Pereda
    Mexico, United States, 2018

    Acclaimed Mexican Canadian filmmaker Nicolás Pereda returns to BAMPFA with this film/performance/lecture on the life and work of “C.B.,” an artist, political activist, amateur archeologist, and anarchist. 

    Nicolás Pereda and Natalia Brizuela in Conversation