Southern Comfort

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  • Jenni Olson is a Berkeley-based queer film historian, writer, and filmmaker who is the proud proprietor of, which features more information about all of her work as a longtime champion of LGBTQ+ cinema.

  • Christoph Hanssmann is an assistant professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at UC Davis. He studies the politics of health, science, and medicine, focusing on relationships between biomedicine and social movements.

This acclaimed documentary follows the story of Robert Eads, a trans man dying of ovarian cancer. While he was indisputably a victim of systemic transphobia and medical malfeasance from the American healthcare system, Eads’s status as a trans elder among his chosen family also shows him as the beating heart of an incredibly warm and life-affirming community. In Southern Comfort, named for the then Atlanta-based national trans conference, filmmaker Kate Davis presents the common struggles and common understandings among trans men in the 1990s with clear-eyed empathy.

  • Kate Davis
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  • Color
  • Digital
  • 86 mins
  • Kate Davis

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