Through the Olive Trees

(Zir-e darakhtan-e zeyton)

Digital Restoration

Through the Olive Trees also screens without lecture on Saturday, August 24 and Friday, September 27.

  • Introduction and Post-Screening Lecture

    Godfrey Cheshire is a New York–based filmmaker and critic who has written extensively about Iranian cinema and is the author of the new book Conversations with Kiarostami. Following the screening, he will speak about Kiarostami’s Koker trilogy.


Hossein Rezal, Tahereh Ladania, Mohamad Ali Keshavarz, Zarifeh Shiva,

A lovelorn village youth gets another chance at romance when he and his disinterested paramour are cast as husband and wife by a visiting film crew in Kiarostami’s wryly romantic, fittingly self-reflective third part of the Koker trilogy, shot in the same village as his earlier Where Is the Friend’s Home? and And Life Goes On. Effectively remixing the entire set-up of And Life Goes On, albeit through the eyes of the nonplussed villagers as opposed to the filmmakers, Kiarostami “evokes at times an Iranian Day for Night” (Film Society of Lincoln Center), and poetically uncovers the way that cinema can reinvent not only landscapes, but lives.

Jason Sanders
  • Abbas Kiarostami
  • Hossein Djafarian
  • Farhad Saba
  • Farsi
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • Color
  • DCP
  • 103 mins
  • Janus Films