Yours in Sisterhood

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The women wrote their letters to Ms. magazine and signed them, as good feminists did, “In sisterhood.” Most were never published. Forty years later, award-winning filmmaker and media archeologist Irene Lusztig traveled around the United States, to the towns where the letters had been written, and asked local women to re-embody the letter-writers’ voices and read aloud these deepest secrets, angriest rants, and sincerest pleas on camera. What happens is intersectional, personal, political—and perfectly stunning. Lusztig’s camera is still; her takes, unhurried; her shots, simply framed; and her locations, unremarkable. This very ordinariness underlines the extraordinary dialogue she’s created between the past and the future of feminism.

Lucy Laird
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  • Color
  • DCP
  • 110 mins
  • Women Make Movies