Arts + Design Mondays @ BAMPFA: Equity and Democracy

September 9, 2019–April 13, 2020

Join Berkeley Arts + Design and dozens of UC Berkeley campus organizations every Monday as we explore the connections among creative practice, social movements, and the strategic research of our public university.

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Past Events

  • Monday, April 27, 6:30 PM

    POSTPONED: Youth Designing Our Future Cities

    This panel discussion brings together youth leaders from several Richmond organizations and initiatives to share the ways in which they are planning the city’s future.

    This event has been postponed to a later date.

  • Monday, April 20, 6:30 PM

    POSTPONED: Kahlil Joseph in Conversation with Leigh Raiford and Shannon Jackson

    Join artist and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph, along with UC Berkeley faculty, for an evening of conversation focused on BLKNWS, an ongoing project that blurs the lines between art, journalism, entrepreneurship, and cultural critique.

    This event has been postponed to a later date.

  • Monday, April 13, 6:30 PM

    ONLINE: Tom White: Neural Abstractions

    Computational design and creative coding specialist Tom White talks about his work creating art by AI, for AI, as a way of understanding how machines perceive the world.

    This event is now taking place only online. Join the live stream at 6:30 PM at

  • Monday, April 6, 6:30 PM

    POSTPONED: William Pope.L

    A talk by Chicago-based artist William Pope.L, whom the New York Times called “inarguably the greatest performance artist of our time.”

    This event has been postponed to a later date.

  • Monday, March 30, 6:30 PM

    POSTPONED: Margarita Kuleva and Natalia Samutina: The Right to Be Creative and Invisible Russia

    Russian scholars Margarita Kuleva and Natalia Samutina talk about questions of fairness, inclusion, and cultural innovation in post-Soviet societies.

    This event has been postponed to a later date.

  • Monday, March 16, 6:30 PM

    POSTPONED: Reading: Danez Smith and Patricia Smith

    Join us for an evening of fierce readings and conversation with renowned poets Danez Smith and Patricia Smith.

    This event has been postponed to a later date. Updates will be posted at Thank you for your understanding.

  • Monday, March 9, 6:30 PM

    John K. Wilson: Freedom of Speech? Censoring Art on Campus

    John K. Wilson, a fellow with the University of California National Center on Free Speech and Civic Engagement, discusses the past and present problem of art censorship on college campuses.

  • Monday, March 2, 6:30 PM

    Autumn Knight: Real Big

    Interdisciplinary artist Autumn Knight discusses her performance projects and artistic strategies for survival in institutional space.

  • Monday, February 24, 6:30 PM

    Margaret Rhee: In Search of My Robot: Emergent Media, Racialized Gender, and Creativity

    Poet, scholar, and new media artist Margaret Rhee talks about robots, the racialization of Asian Americans, and the relationship between technology and difference in modern society.

  • Monday, February 10, 6:30 PM

    Working as a “Creative” in the Bay Area

    Join Oakland-based artist Drew Bennett, the founder of Facebook’s artist residency program, as well as UC Berkeley faculty for a discussion of careers in creative fields.

  • Monday, February 3, 6:30 PM

    Visualizing the World 2020

    Faculty and students from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism present documentaries, photography, and innovative multimedia projects from the J-School.

  • Monday, January 27, 6:30 PM

    Amy La Viers: Dancing with Robots: Expressivity in Natural and Artificial Systems

    The director of the Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD) Lab at UC Berkeley discusses the challenges of developing expressive robotic systems to integrate with natural counterparts.

  • Monday, December 2, 6:30 PM

    Art, Health, and Equity in the City of Richmond

    Ruthie Dineen, Ciera-Jevae Gordon, Ptah Tracey Mitchell, and Dalia J. Ramos-Mucino  discuss the city of Richmond—its colorful past and shifting present, and how art and health play an integral role in its future.

  • Monday, November 18, 6:30 PM

    CANCELED: Sherin Guirguis: My Place Is the Placeless

    Egypt-born, Los Angeles–based artist Sherin Guirguis discusses her work, which investigates narratives and histories that have often been forgotten, marginalized, or erased.


  • Monday, November 4, 6:30 PM

    Guy Hoffman: Transience, Replication, and the Paradox of Social Robotics

    Cornell University robotics researcher Guy Hoffman talks through some of the paradoxes involved in the development of social robots designed for connectedness.

  • Monday, October 28, 6:30 PM

    CANCELED: Nigel Poor and Michael Nelson on The San Quentin Project

    Artist Nigel Poor presents collaborative projects she has worked on inside San Quentin Prison, including the work on view in The San Quentin Project and the award-winning podcast Ear Hustle; Michael Nelson, whose work is featured in the exhibition, joins her in conversation.


  • Monday, October 21, 6:30 PM

    Leonel Moura: Non-Human Art

    Can a machine create its own art? Artist Leonel Moura considers the question, which is at the core of his work with robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • Monday, October 14, 6:30 PM

    Contemporary Indigenous Arts Showcase

    Celebrating UNESCO’s International Year of Indigenous Language, visual artists, dancers, and writers celebrate the creative pulse of the languages sustaining their works.

  • Monday, October 7, 6:30 PM

    Nona Faustine: I Was Brought Here to Stay

    Artist Nona Faustine discusses her work at the intersection between past and present, individual identity and collective history.

  • Monday, September 30, 6:30 PM

    What Is Strange? Rabih Alameddine and Lawrence Rinder in Conversation

    Beirut- and Bay Area–based, internationally acclaimed author Rabih Alameddine joins BAMPFA Director and Chief Curator Lawrence Rinder for a conversation on concepts of “strangeness.”

  • Monday, September 23, 6:30 PM

    Marisa Morán Jahn: The Copper in My Cooch and Other Technologies

    In this talk, artist Marisa Morán Jahn weaves together her interest in creative technology as myth-making and her practice of co-designing with and for historically underserved communities.

  • Monday, September 16, 6:30 PM

    Patrick Martinez: Excavations of Recent History

    Multidisciplinary artist Patrick Martinez talks about his work, which excavates language, belonging, and the visual-cultural systems of the city of Los Angeles as a means of creating dialogue about gentrification and injustice.

  • Monday, September 9, 6:30 PM

    Madeline Gannon: Robots Are Creatures, Not Things

    Multidisciplinary designer Madeline Gannon discusses how art and technology are merging to forge new futures for human-robot relations.

Past Films

  • Tongues Untied

    • Monday, November 25 6:30 PM
    Marlon Riggs
    United States, 1989

    Free Admission!

    This screening is presented as part of Arts + Design Mondays. Tongues Untied also screens Wednesday, October 23 (with Elena Gross and Vivian Kleiman in conversation; regular admission prices apply).

    Riggs’s riveting combination of interviews, performance, stock footage, autobiography, poetry, and dance reveals the revolutionary potential of black men loving black men.

    Ken Light, Darieck B. Scott, and Leila Weefur in Conversation