• Ruthie Dineen, Ciera-Jevae Gordon, Ptah Tracey Mitchell, and Dalia J. Ramos-Mucino

Art, Health, and Equity in the City of Richmond

Artists, activists and educators from the RYSE Center, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and Richmond High School will discuss the City of Richmond—its colorful past, shifting present, and how art and health play an integral role in its future. With complex issues related to gentrification, equity, and culture, Richmond’s ecosystem is emblematic of the ongoing evolution of the Bay Area’s communities.

Ruthie Dineen is the Deputy Director of East Bay Center for the Performing Arts.

Ciera-Jevae Gordon is a Richmond native who served as the Poet Laureate of Richmond, 2017–2019.

Poet, author, and educator Ptah Tracey Mitchell is a recent 2018-2019 recipient of the Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant sponsored by the Arts and Culture Commission of Richmond.

Dalia J. Ramos-Mucino is Culture & Engagement Program Manager at RYSE Center.

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Presented by the City of Richmond and UC Berkeley Arts + Design.