Eco-Amok! An Inconvenient Film Fest

7/11/07 to 8/29/07

Ants the size of SUVs, buffed-up behemoths rising from the ocean floor, man-plants with their roots in horror: these are among the cinematic consequences of messing with Mother Nature. Our summer series of eco-cautionary tales conveniently delivers both timely message and giddy mayhem.

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  • Phase IV, July 25

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Past Films

  • Habitat

    • Wednesday, August 29 7:30 pm

    Rene Daalder in Person. In a world without an ozone layer, a family's would-be garden of Eden becomes a horticultural hell. Daalder's petri dish of a film offers a florid feast of effects.

  • Meet the Applegates

    • Wednesday, August 22 7:30pm

    Michael Lehmann in Person. Ed Begley Jr. and Stockard Channing are Amazonian insects who take on the form of an all-American family as part of a bid to preserve their habitat in Lehmann's suburban eco-comedy.

  • Silent Running

    • Wednesday, August 15 7:30 pm

    Directed by Douglas Trumbull, the effects designer for 2001, this parable posits Bruce Dern as the last gardener in the universe, maintaining a man-made Eden on a space station. "An elegiac plea for grass, cantaloupes, and bunny rabbits delivered by a man who kills every human being in sight."-Village Voice

  • The Mutations

    • Wednesday, August 8 7:30pm

    Mad professor Donald Pleasence attempts a genetic merger between plants and animals in a movie that crossbreeds Island of Lost Souls with Freaks.

  • Prophecy

    • Wednesday, August 1 7:30pm

    Industrial pollution generates some mean mutations among the fauna of the Maine woods in John Frankenheimer's thriller that "plays like a cross between The China Syndrome and Bigfoot."-New West

  • Phase IV

    • Wednesday, July 25 7:30 pm

    Response by Entomologist Vincent Resh. Intelligent ants plot to make the world their picnic ground in titles designer Saul Bass's sole directorial effort, "a thoroughly terrifying, bizarrely beautiful ecological parable."-L.A. Times

  • Frogs

    • Wednesday, July 18 7:30pm

    Amphibians of the Everglades unite against wealthy patriarch Ray Milland and his family of plantation-dwellers in this slimy critique of American excess. "Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!"

  • Them!

    • Wednesday, July 11 7:30pm

    Radioactive giant ants run amok in the movie that launched a 1950s wave of post-atomic creature features. "Provides a surfeit of camp pleasures . . . and a deliciously coded narrative. The ants are all too human."-Village Voice