Frame by Frame: Avant-Garde Film Preservation

4/3/07 to 4/24/07

Archivists on the edge: a special series highlights recent efforts to preserve avant-garde films and brings restored treasures to the screen.

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  • New Left Note, April 10

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Past Films

  • Academy Film Archive: Recent Preservations

    • Tuesday, April 24 19:30

    Mark Toscano in Person. Preservationist Toscano presents abstractions, conceptual pieces, and dryly humorous films, all preserved in the past year at the Academy. Works by David Bienstock, Stan Brakhage, Morgan Fisher, Roberta Friedman and Grahame Weinbren, Curtis Harrington, Pat O'Neill, the Whitney brothers, and Diana Wilson.

  • Anger Rising: The Restoration of Works by Kenneth Anger at UCLA Film and Television Archive

    • Tuesday, April 17 7:30pm

    Ross Lipman in Person. New 35mm prints of four of Anger's most famous films-Fireworks, Rabbit's Moon, Scorpio Rising, and Kustom Kar Kommandos-plus an illustrated lecture by UCLA's Lipman detailing the challenges involved in restoring them.

  • A Self-Preservation Workshop for Film and Video Makers

    • Tuesday, April 10 6:00pm

    Presentation and Booksigning by Bill Brand. Artist and preservationist Brand tells you how to take better archival care of your films.

  • BB Optics: Optical Printing and Preservation Work

    • Tuesday, April 10 19:30

    Bill Brand in Person. Brand presents a wide range of works preserved or printed by his firm, BB Optics, including avant-garde pieces and films confiscated from the Nixon White House by the FBI. Works by Robert Huot, Marjorie Keller, Saul Levine, Katy Martin, Jennifer Montgomery, and David Wojnarowicz.

  • Anthology Film Archives: Recent Preservations

    • Tuesday, April 3 7:30pm

    Andrew Lampert in Person. Lampert, archivist and programmer at Anthology, long a key institution on the East Coast arts scene, presents classics of 1960s and '70s avant-garde in fabulous prints that you'd normally have to travel to New York to see. Works by Hilary Harris, George Landow, Saul Levine, Marie Menken, Carolee Schneemann, and Harry Smith.