New Spanish Cinema

11/5/09 to 11/8/09

This sampling of recent cinema from Spain includes soulful family drama, hard-hitting social critique, and exquisite animation.

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  • The Shame, November 7

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Past Films

  • The Sound of the Sea

    • Sunday, November 8 3:00 pm

    Miguelanxo Prado (Spain/Portugal, 2007). A drowned sailor journeys through a fantastical underwater realm to find his true love in this breathtaking animated film by an award-winning Spanish graphic novelist. (75 mins)

  • The Shame

    • Saturday, November 7 8:30 pm

    David Planell (Spain, 2009). A young couple find their relationship changing after they adopt an emotionally dysfunctional Peruvian boy. Winner, Best Film, Malaga Film Festival. With Planell's prizewinning short films Ponys and Charisma. (127 mins)

  • Artist's Talk with Director David Planell - CANCELED

    • Friday, November 6 4:30 pm

    David Planell regrets that he must cancel his trip to the U.S. His two prizewinning short films, Ponys (2005) and Charisma (2003), will be added to the Saturday, November 7 screening of his feature The Shame.

  • Camino

    • Friday, November 6 8:30 pm

    Javier Fesser (Spain, 2009). This controversial critique of religious fanaticism in general and the Opus Dei sect in particular follows the fate of a young girl diagnosed with cancer. Awarded Best Film, Director, and Screenplay at Spain's Goya Awards. (143 mins)

  • Amateurs

    • Thursday, November 5 6:30 pm

    Gabriel Velázquez (Spain, 2008). Two loners-a runaway teenage orphan and the lonely man she thinks is her father-come together, or try to. An involving portrait of loneliness on the margins, from the codirector of festival favorite Sud Express. (84 mins)