Black Life


Experience the vitality and range of cultural production in the African diaspora through this multidisciplinary event series.

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  • WahaWam

  • Stephanie Hewett

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  • Presented Saturday, January 25, 4 PM

    Black Life: Europa Grace

    Europa Grace presents an experimental performance considering the structures of value exercised by the modern black body.

    Programmed by Ryanaustin Dennis

  • Presented Saturday, February 22, 4 PM

    Black Life: Stephanie Hewett

    Choreographer and movement artist Stephanie Hewett presents (E)cho Queue, a performance that aims to reclaim the inextricable connection between techno music and black life.

    Programmed by Ryanaustin Dennis

  • Black Life Podcast: MahaWam

    Black Life host Ryanaustin Dennis speaks with Oakland-based musician, nightlife organizer, producer, and DJ MahaWam.