Black Life: Europa Grace

Programmed by Ryanaustin Dennis

Presented Saturday, January 25, 4 PM

Multidisciplinary artist Europa Grace presents Horse, a new original work considering the structures of value exercised by the modern black body. This experimental performance is billed as “a visceral movement meditation, immersed in sound and breath.”

A dredging competition with a ticking clock.

A durational moving meditation. 

Pushing on the past, rewriting a story with the swift swoosh of a basketball through a net.

Making or missing the basket determines which part of the story is told, and when.

What is the quality of focus involved in uncovering, grieving, and retelling the story?

A sonic and poetic landscape unfolds the somatic effort of healing. 

The lungs pump like a bellows. The lungs are associated with grief. 

If I can harness intention in my body/spirit, I can rewrite my story. Sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I don’t make the basket and the story never comes. Sometimes it stays the same, and even then it changes.

Europa Grace Baker-Brathwaite is a black, queer, nonbinary person, currently living in San Francisco, originally from Albany, New York. Since 2012, they have been a teacher of the healing somatic practice of yoga. Europa is a poet, dancer, and cellist who takes risks to push the boundaries of praxis within these mediums. They transform the impact of systemic and personal trauma in order to generate long-lasting change through alternative education, experimental performance, and collective care. Europa’s performance work has been featured at Joe Goode Annex, African American Arts and Culture Complex, and EastSide Arts Alliance, among others.