India Sky: Music Performance and Film Screening

Join us for a pre-album release celebration and musical performance by vocalist and multidisciplinary artist India Sky, followed by a screening of her film, The Life Cycle of Rainbows. India's creative process is guided by an intimate tuning into, and conversation with, ancestry, legacy, power, spirit, intuition, and emotion. Through her work, she seeks to illustrate “the invisible worlds” that shape her lived experience. As a seasoned artist and director, she has a track record for creating elaborate, imaginative large-scale ensemble productions, as well as intimate smaller-scale performances, film, and installations. In her music, she channels her passion for world making, crafting a sound that combines evocative lyrics; layered synths; lush, carefully cultivated vocals; and storylines that often spiral into the mystical. 

India’s interdisciplinary art practice of film, dance, acrobatics, music, writing, and storytelling investigates the invisible forces of power, ancestry, and spirit that shape her experience and engages radical imagination as a source for transformation, communion, homecoming, liberation, and survival. Her work as a stage and film director, producer, choreographer, and performer is guided by her passion for world making and her practice of creating and contributing to platforms that uplift Black, queer, and femme voices. She received an MA in artist film and moving image from Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2020, and in 2021 she completed her solo international exhibition The Life Cycle of Rainbows at EMBASSY Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.