A Woman's Face: Ingrid Bergman in Europe

11/4/09 to 12/17/09

A chance to discover rare works by a beloved actress, this series looks beyond Bergman's Hollywood fame to consider her work across the Atlantic, from her early years in Sweden to her work with Roberto Rossellini and that other Bergman, Ingmar.

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  • A Woman’s Face, November 20

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Past Films

  • Autumn Sonata

    • Thursday, December 17 7:00 pm

    Ingmar Bergman (Sweden, 1978). A Chopin prelude triggers a long-delayed confrontation between concert pianist Bergman and her aggrieved daughter Liv Ullmann in Ingmar Bergman's intense and penetrating chamber piece. (93 mins)

  • Voyage in Italy

    • Sunday, December 6 5:15 pm

    Roberto Rossellini (Italy, 1953). Bergman and George Sanders are a quarrelling couple traveling through Italy to Naples in Rossellini's extraordinary drama, a key link between neorealism and the subjective cinema of the early sixties. (83 mins)

  • Europa '51

    • Sunday, November 29 3:00 pm

    Roberto Rossellini (Italy, 1952). Bergman plays a bourgeois wife called to an unconventional kind of sainthood in Rossellini's moving study of postwar society and its ethical rootlessness. (110 mins)

  • Stromboli

    • Saturday, November 28 6:30 pm

    Roberto Rossellini (Italy, 1949). Roberto Rossellini sets the interior drama of Bergman's character, a Lithuanian refugee married to an Italian fisherman, amid the drama of nature on a volcanic island. (107 mins)

  • June Night

    • Saturday, November 21 6:30 pm

    Per Lindberg (Sweden, 1940). In this rare, inventively photographed Swedish film, Bergman beautifully plays a sensitive young woman attempting to rebuild her life in Stockholm after her romance with a sailor comes to a violent end. (90 mins)

  • Walpurgis Night

    • Friday, November 20 7:00 pm

    Gustaf Edgren (Sweden, 1935). Bergman lusts after her married boss while her father Victor Sjöström bemoans the passionlessness of Swedish youth in this surprising hybrid of erotic satire and anti-abortion tract. (80 mins)

  • A Woman's Face

    • Friday, November 20 8:40 pm

    Gustaf Molander (Sweden, 1938). Bergman is cast very much against type as a disfigured, bitter blackmailer in this darkly atmospheric Swedish drama. (104 mins)

  • The Count of the Old Town

    • Friday, November 13 7:00 pm

    Edvin Adolphson, Sigurd Wallén (Sweden, 1935). A freewheeling comedy about a gang of ruffians on an all-day bender in Stockholm's Old Town, featuring a baby-faced eighteen-year-old Bergman. (83 mins)

  • Intermezzo

    • Saturday, November 7 6:30 pm

    Gustaf Molander (Sweden, 1936). In the Swedish romantic melodrama that landed her a Hollywood contract, Bergman plays a budding pianist swept off her feet by a renowned violinist. (93 mins)

  • Ingrid Bergman Rarities

    • Wednesday, November 4 7:00 pm

    (Sweden/Italy/U.S., 1940s–1978). Illustrated lecture by Jon Wengström. Rare films from the archives of the Swedish Film Institute offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of Bergman at work and in private life. (78 mins plus lecture)