Women of Color Film Festival 2006

3/2/06 to 3/5/06

  • Permanent Wave, March 5

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Past Films

  • I Have Seen...

    • Sunday, March 5 13:00

    Artists in Person. Women of color confront discrimination in myriad contexts.

  • Teach Our Children: Works by Christine Choy

    • Sunday, March 5 15:30

    Christine Choy in Person. A selection of Choy's pioneering short films addressing social justice issues.

  • Who Killed Vincent Chin?

    • Saturday, March 4 17:30

    Christine Choy in Person. Choy's powerful, Academy Award-nominated documentary investigates the murder of a Chinese American man in Detroit in 1982, presenting a stark portrait of racism in working-class America.

  • Confronting What Was

    • Saturday, March 4 20:00

    Artists in Person. In China, Chile, and post-9/11 America, ordinary women become extraordinary when they refuse to let the past shape their lives.

  • Long Story Short

    • Friday, March 3 19:30

    Artists in Person. Trailblazing videos show women of color-filmmakers, actors, and hip-hop dancers, among others-starting from scratch to follow their personal and professional passions.

  • Stepping Out (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, March 2 17:30

    Artists in Person. Short works ask what it takes to be comfortable in one's own skin.