Black Life: Stephanie Hewett

Programmed by Ryanaustin Dennis

Presented Saturday, February 22, 4 PM

Choreographer and movement artist Stephanie Hewett presents (E)cho Queue, a performance that aims to reclaim the inextricable connection between techno music and black life. In response to Jenn Nkiru’s documentary Black to Techno, Hewett reinforces the inherently Black American nature of this invention by examining its true origins and locating its syncopated, complicated, and paradoxical rhythms in the black, dancing body.

Stephanie Hewett is a choreographer, movement researcher, performer, and teacher from the Bronx, New York (Lenape territory). She holds an MFA in dance from Mills College, and has held residencies at Counterpulse and the Paul Dresher Ensemble. Her current research entails navigating performance through injury, pleasure frequencies, Detroit techno, dance-floor exorcisms, and excavating ancestral vestiges in the body. She is a collaborator/member of Lxs Dxs, a queer performance collective making messes in the Bay, LA, and abroad.