The role of African cinema today is to reflect the vitality of a people⁠—an African people in all its diversity⁠—and through this people, reflect the world.

Safi Faye

In Fad’jal, which premiered at Cannes in 1979, the groundbreaking Senegalese-French filmmaker and ethnologist Safi Faye investigates traditions of storytelling through a beautiful portrait of her ancestral farming village. Faye recalls, “Every evening, the children scrambled up into the beautiful kapok trees after getting out of school to gather around the village elder. He would then pass on their history, that which hasn’t been written down. Fad’jal speaks of this, of the foundation of the village and all the events that have since unfolded there. The grandfather speaks of traditional rites of passage and agrarian rites, as well as the origin of this village founded by a woman (Mbang Fadial) around the 16th century.”

  • Patrick Fabry
  • Jean Monod
  • Papa Moctar Ndoye
  • Serer
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • Color
  • DCP
  • 112 mins
  • CNC
Additional Info
  • New digital preservation by CNC in collaboration with Faye from the original 16mm negative