Film to Table: Ingmar Bergman's Saraband

Join Babette chefs Joan and Patrick and your fellow Bergman fans for a scrumptious dinner following the film. Film and dinner require separate ticket purchase.


Apple-Juniper Soup
Three Mushroom salad
Prune stuffed Pork roast, Red Cabbage-Potato pancakes
Ginger cake with Mascarpone Mousse

Wine, tax, and tip included.

A blistering sequel to Scenes from a Marriage, Bergman’s final work proved that his grasp of human foibles had only sharpened, not mellowed, with age. Purposefully avoiding actual locations or realism, he places all events on pointedly artificial sets, highlighting the theatricality of the piece and the actors’ declarations. No one talks like this anymore, at least in films; instead, Saraband aims for the heights of Strindberg, Ibsen, or Chekhov, and achieves them.


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