Streaming: maɬni—towards the ocean, towards the shore

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Sweetwater Sahme, Jordan Mercier, Travis Mercier,

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Livestream Conversation
Sky Hopinka and Diana Ruíz
Wednesday, November 4, 8:30 PM PST

Join us for a live conversation with filmmaker Sky Hopinka and UC Berkeley PhD Candidate in Film & Media Studies Diana Ruíz. Access is included with rental of the streaming film program; you will receive an access link via email prior to the event.

Maɬni (pronounced moth-nee) is an expansion of many of the themes that have permeated Sky Hopinka’s work to date: the contemporary lives of First Peoples in the US, the survivance of Native spiritualities and cosmologies, and the avant-garde tradition of landscape cinema as inflected by specifically Native ecological traditions” (MUBI). “Bodies of water ebb and flow throughout Hopinka’s poetic experimental documentary. Honoring connections to nature and the cycles of life, maɬni separately follows two Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest as they share their personal rituals and relationships to life, identity, language, and their homeland, while sonically weaving in the origin-of-death myth from the Chinookan people. Meditative and beautifully photographed, Hopinka’s film is a lush exploration of afterlife, rebirth, and the place in between” (SFFILM Festival).

  • Sky Hopinka
  • Sky Hopinka
  • English
  • Chinuk Wawa
  • with English subtitles
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  • 80 mins
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