• Eric Dolan, photo by Sophie Appel

  • Fego Navarro, photo by Sophie Appel

  • Tongo Eisen-Martin, photo by Sophie Appel

Reading: Eric Dolan, Fego Navarro, Tongo Eisen-Martin

Programmed by Cole Solinger

Eric Dolan, curator for the Bay Area Poetry Marathon, writes puke-pop nonsense for the disenfranchised masses; he has written, designed, and built sixty-three booklets of poetry since moving to California. Salvadoran-American rapper/actor Fego Navarro’s recent projects include releasing his album Heart of Man and acting in the film Love Cecy. Heaven Is All Goodbyes, the most recent book by poet, movement worker, and educator Tongo Eisen-Martin, was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize and won both a California Book Award and an American Book Award.