Alternative Visions

9/5/06 to 10/31/06

  • Haunted Camera, September 5

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Past Films

  • Experiments in Terror

    • Tuesday, October 31 19:30

    Introduced by Noel Lawrence. A phantasmagoria of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre! Featuring experimental auteurs who use visionary cinematography and a masterful montage of rare film artifacts to probe every dark corner of the human psyche, this shocking evening explodes the genre of the horror film.

  • China's Cutting Edge: New Video from Shanghai

    • Tuesday, October 24 19:30

    China's rich aesthetic tradition is energized by new media and forms, as shown in these sophisticated short works by cutting-edge artists. From ink-drawn mountains and sugarplum fairies that morph into locusts, rats, and pollution to an encounter with a peasant who has never seen a camera before, they use art to engage contemporary issues.

  • War and Video Games

    • Tuesday, October 17 19:30

    Multimedia Lecture and Booksigning by Ed Halter. Author of From Sun Tzu to Xbox, Halter offers a political history of the video game and a powerful argument about its role in the way Americans have come to think about war.

  • Screen Tests and Beauty #2

    • Tuesday, October 10 19:30

    A selection of Andy Warhol's silent, close-up portraits of Factory denizens, including Jane Holzer, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, and others, casts the artist as a chronicler of his times. With Sedgwick in the funny-sad cinematic triangle Beauty #2.

  • Alternative Requirements: Works by Bay Area Student Visionaries

    • Tuesday, October 3 19:30

    Artists in Person. Our annual program of poetic, passionate, and playful avant-garde works from Bay Area colleges.

  • Charming Augustine

    • Tuesday, September 26 19:30

    Zoe Beloff in Person. Beloff's latest evocative work, presented in stereoscopic format, uses a late-19th-century case of hysteria to study the connections between the history of psychology and the prehistory of narrative film. With shorts Case History of a Multiple Personality and D. W. Griffith's The Painted Lady.

  • Landscape Suicide

    • Tuesday, September 19 19:30

    Examining two sensational murder cases, James Benning's 1986 film approaches the point at which American landscape and experience meet, producing a terrifying, explosive solitude. "The images comprise a world that presses itself upon you, demanding to be seen."-Village Voice

  • Lunch with Fela

    • Tuesday, September 12 19:30

    An emotional, richly textured mix of texts, animation, and family mementos, Abraham Ravett's most recent film focuses on the loss of his mother, a Holocaust survivor. With Ravett's The March, a series of informal conversations between Ravett and his mother in which she recalls the 1945 death march from Auschwitz.

  • Haunted Cameras: Recent Avant-Garde Films

    • Tuesday, September 5 19:30

    Marey and Muybridge go film noir, Laurence Olivier meets Georges Méliès, and Korea meets New York meets Las Vegas in this convergence of recent works by Nancy Andrews, Olivo Barbieri, Jim Jennings, Stacey Steers, Fred Worden, and Soon-Mi Yoo.