Full 2020


Explore the BAMPFA galleries and discover exciting performances in our dramatic space on the night of each full moon.

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Past Events

  • Thursday, May 7, 7 PM

    LIVESTREAM: Touch Bass, with Risa Jaroslow and Lisa Mezzacappa

    Choreographer Risa Jaroslow and bassist/composer Lisa Mezzacappa collaborate on a performance featuring three bassists and three dancers interacting in tender, awkward, and funny ways.

  • Tuesday, April 7, 7 PM

    CANCELED: Full: Strings

    Cosa Nostra Strings utilize their unique instrumentation of cello, viola, violin, trombone, bass, and percussion to invoke genres from chamber music to jazz to funk to eighties rock ballads. With an opening performance by the UC Berkeley Chamber Musicians.

    All film screenings and public programs at BAMPFA have been temporarily canceled. Learn more

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Monday, March 9, 7 PM

    Full: Fragment

    The Iota presents a site-specific performance of a fragmentary tragedy by Sophocles, Laocöon. Cellist Saul Richmond-Rakerd also performs.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Saturday, February 8, 7 PM

    Full: Rightfully Ours

    Berkeley Ballet Theater and San Francisco Girls Chorus present excerpts from their new production exploring the impact of the women’s suffrage movement.

  • Friday, January 10, 7 PM

    Full: Howl & Beat

    Recording artist PC Muñoz and a knockout array of Bay Area wordsmiths and musicians present an evening of literary and musical explorations inspired by the Beat Generation.

    Programmed by PC Muñoz