Marina Goldovskaya

4/7/05 to 4/17/05

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Past Films

  • Art and Life: Finding the Thread

    • Sunday, April 17 5:30pm

    Marina Goldovskaya in Person. A foray into the many worlds of renowned artist, opera/theater director, and activist Peter Sellars. Shown with portrait-film excerpts.

  • Salon with Marina Goldovskaya (Admission Free)

    • Friday, April 15 13:30

    Join our artist-in-residence at the PFA Theater for an informal salon about her artistic process.

  • Lucky to Be Born in Russia

    • Friday, April 15 7:30pm

    Marina Goldovskaya in Person. "Goldovskaya's restless and ever-present camera on the streets, during demonstrations, in trains, at workplaces, and in the homes of her subjects during...tumultuous times."-Cineaste

  • The House on Arbat Street

    • Friday, April 15 21:15

    Marina Goldovskaya in Person. The story of a fine old Moscow apartment house over many decades becomes "a kind of social-history essay, very human in the telling."-Cineaste

  • The Shattered Mirror: A Diary of a Turbulent Time

    • Thursday, April 14 19:30

    Lecture by Marina Goldovskaya. Moscow, 1992: Goldovskaya, camera in hand, locates the sweeping changes in her country in the stories of friends and strangers. In her opening lecture, the artist will discuss her vision for a committed documentary film.

  • Solovky Power

    • Wednesday, April 13 19:30

    Marina Goldovskaya in Person. Goldovskaya's revelation of the first Soviet labor camp, created by Lenin in 1923, was a shocker here as it was in Russia, where its reception by Gorbachev was a sign of glasnost.

  • The Prince Is Back (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, April 7 17:30

    You're a former prince; the Soviet Union has collapsed; the ancestral estate is still standing, sort of. What do you do? A delightful inquiry into the new Russia.