Video Art in Context

January 19—April 19, 2023

How have artists made use of the screen? What are the opportunities and hazards of using the screen as a vehicle for connection? A stunning roster of artists, curators, designers, and critics consider these questions and more.

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Past Events

  • Thursday, February 2, 12 PM

    Bart Rutten: Video Across the Arts: Painting, Performance Art, and the World of Video

    What does a contemporary form such as video art have to say to the classic forms of seventeenth-century Dutch painting? Bart Rutten asked such questions and more in his recent exhibition Double Act by pairing Dutch masters with selected works of video art. Here he discusses his curatorial principles and how he found formal, political, and thematic correspondences amongst artists separated by three centuries.

    Webinar only.

  • Thursday, January 26, 12 PM

    Greg Niemeyer: Video Across the Arts: Film and Cinema

    When does video become art? Looking at examples of the long, and perhaps parallel, histories of cinema and video art, Greg Niemeyer discusses how we can distinguish these two art forms, why it matters, and how video art is different from the reels, clips, and snippets of social media.

  • Shannon Jackson
    Thursday, January 19, 12 PM

    Shannon Jackson: Video Across the Arts: Framing a Cross-Disciplinary Conversation

    What is video art’s place in art history? And which art history? Launching our Thursday series, Shannon Jackson considers video art’s connections to a range of art forms. Introducing artists such as Marina Abramovic, William Kentridge, Bruce Nauman, Bill Viola, and many more, she considers how video art’s conceptual, durational, and screen-based processes recall and revise a variety of artistic movements.