• Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson: Video Art and Social Intervention: Indigenous Cross-Media Aesthetics

How do Native and queer epistemologies inspire cross-media practice? Using his ten-screen video installation, This Burning World, as point of departure, Jeffrey Gibson considers how his artistic practice has moved across painting, sculpture, textiles, installation, performance, and video to address issues such as climate change, the fluidity of identity, and the erasure of Indigenous art traditions.  

Jeffrey Gibson is a past Macarthur Fellow and multidisciplinary artist merging traditional Native American materials and forms with those of Western contemporary art to create a new hybrid visual vocabulary. Gibson, a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and of Cherokee descent, has forged a multifarious practice and has participated in prestigious solo and group exhibitions nationally (most recently, in Aspen, Colorado; Portland, Oregon ; Denver, Colorado; and Santa Fe, New Mexico) and internationally in Canada and Australia. The Institute of Contemporary Art, San Francisco, was inaugurated with Gibson’s solo exhibition This Burning World, currently on view.