• Shannon Jackson

    Shannon Jackson

  • Greg Niemeyer

Shannon Jackson and Greg Niemeyer: Video Art in (Re)Circulation: Recalling our Conversation across the Disciplines

Concluding our Thursday series, Professors Shannon Jackson and Greg Niemeyer review the key themes of the semester, our lecture series, and the wide-ranging effort to place video art in context. Join us to recall key artists and recurring themes, as well as to anticipate possible futures as artists and global citizens mobilize the power of the screen.  

Shannon Jackson is Hadidi Professor at UC Berkeley and a scholar of cross-media and socially engaged art. A past Guggenheim Fellow, her books include Social Works (2011), The Builders Association (2015), Public Servants (2016), and Back Stages (2022). Jackson served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts and Design from 2015 to 2021, is a trustee of several arts organizations, and serves as program director for the Kramlich Art Foundation.

Greg Niemeyer is a data artist. Niemeyer cofounded the Berkeley Center for New Media, focusing on the critical analysis of new media and human experiences. His work focuses on data circulations among individuals, communities, and environments. His projects often materialize data in a way that people can feel. He is professor of media innovation, Toban Fellow, and director of the Art Practice Graduate Program.